Experience Service Excellence

“We understand the benefit of one-stop shopping as it streamlines the number of people involved in co-ordinating your function.”
Raymond Smith, Hiring Occasions (Pty) Ltd

We work together with other professionals in the hospitality industry to ensure that your function or event is stress free and the best it can be.

Hiring Occasions (Pty) Ltd strives to deliver the experience of service excellence for all our customers by focusing on these five key areas:

We think long term – A customer is for life

At Hiring Occasions we take the long view when dealing with customers. We know that keeping customers happy encourages their loyalty and will provide us with the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing for years to come.

We get to know our customers

Hiring Occasions customers love the personal touch. We know that lasting relationships begin with knowing our customer’s wants and needs. They like it when we remember their names and previous conversations. That’s why we try to ensure that we remember details so that we can reference personal preferences the next time we meet.

We respond as quickly as possible

Everyone at Hiring Occasions is trained to recognise that one of the biggest factors in providing service excellence is speed, especially when a client is requesting something that’s time sensitive.

We fix our mistakes

At Hiring Occasions we take responsibility for our mistakes. We know that this is the first step to building a good reputation. Transparency in all our business dealings is an important principal and especialy in our interactions with our customers.

We go the extra mile

We know, at Hiring Occasions, that going the extra mile increases the chances that our customers will consider doing repeat business with us. Our goal is to keep our customers happy and to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing service excellence at every available opportunity.