Magnificent Draping

“Clever use of draping lifts the atmosphere of a room and adding lights will wash the drapes with colour and bring them to life.”
Raymond Smith, Hiring Occasions (Pty) Ltd

Draping adds depth and texture

Create excitement, add drama and romance or impart a soft elegant touch, depending on the effect your function requires.

Draping reduces noise levels

The hubbub of a crowd having fun can sometimes reach undesirable levels in certain settings. Draping has the additional benefit of softening noise levels in spaces with hard surfaces or where a large compliment of guests is in attendance.

Draping separates areas

Great for highlighting and framing special areas, entrances, the bride’s table or the dance floor. Use Draping to reduce ceiling height for a more cosy atmosphere.

Draping is the perfect photographer’s backdrop

An elegant, uniform background colour adds the consummate touch for memorable images that will last forever. This is an absolute must for marquees, tents and intimate settings. No other decorative element offers better value for money.

Draping requires experienced riggers

We have expert riggers and the technical know-how to produce the most stunning and creative designs. Our Draping is widely acknowleged to be of the best in the industry.

  • Marquee 9m & Drapes With Colour Strips & Hiback Chairs
    Marquee 9m & Drapes With Colour Strips & Hiback Chairs
  • Draping 7
    Draping 7
  • Marquee Draping & Fairy Lights
    Marquee Draping & Fairy Lights
  • Draping-1
  • Draping Bridal Table & Fairy Lights
    Draping Bridal Table & Fairy Lights
  • Draping 10
    Draping 10
  • Draping 5
    Draping 5
  • Draping 9
    Draping 9
  • Draping 8
    Draping 8
  • Draping 6
    Draping 6